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8th Anniversary since first DTBird installation at a Wind Turbine

Although DTBird research program started in 2005, in Mach 2009 the first DTBird unit was installed at a wind turbine of Sammca Group, in Spain. Currently over 90 DTBird&DTBat units are distributed in 11 countries.
Ever since, DTBird has been under continuous evaluation, research and improvement process with incomes from scientists, computer engineers, ornithologists and veterinarians from many countries. Current DTBird specifications can be found in the link: DTBird System Specifications for Wind Turbines. February 2017.

AWEA Wind Project Siting & Environmental Compliance Conference 2017

AWEA Wind Project Siting & Environmental Compliance Conference 2017

March 20 - 22, 2017. Austin, TX

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DTBird has participated in REScoop.eu Interregional Conference “Renewable energy: now more than ever!”
DTBird has participated in the event organized by the European Federation of Renewable Energy Cooperatives (REScoop.eu). The Conference took place in Eupen (Belgium), on January 17th, 2017. The event discussed the coverage of renewable energy: society, technology, economics, spatial planning and the environment.  DTBird participated in the WORKSHOP 1 (Wind turbines and their impact on avifauna), with the presentation “DTBird, Bird Smart and Transparent Wind Power. Now more than ever!”.  
DTBird participation at REscoop EU Conference, Eupen, Belgium.
DTBird & DTBat Team has participated in WindEnergy Hamburg

September 27-30, 2016. Hamburg, Germany. Hall A1 Booth 141

Our stand at WindEnergy Expo in Hamburg.

DTBird & DTBat stand at WindEnergy Expo in Hamburg, 2016.

DTBirdV8D10 and DTBatD3 models have been installed for the first time

DTBirdV8D10 model is designed for large on & offshore wind turbines, with 8 HD cameras it reaches bird detection up to a distance of 600 m and 360º around the WTG. In addition, Collision Avoidance module D10 entails 10 Speakers at 2 heights that assures proper sound distribution in the entire rotor swept area.

The DTBatD3 model includes 3 bat detectors distributed along the tower of the wind turbine at the height of the rotor swept area. This unique model, together with the bat Stop Control module assures proper bat protection at large wind turbines.  

These DTBird® and DTBat® models have been installed in a 140 m height and 112 m diameter wind turbine in Austria.

DTBirdV8D10 Model Unit

DTBirdV8D10 & DTBat D3 units installed in Austria.

New orders for DTBird® & DTBat® in Austria and the USA

In the following months, 9 additional DTBird® & DTBat® units will be installed in Austria and the USA. With these installations, the number of units installed worldwide will reach 82, distributed throughout 11 countries. See the updated DTBird® brochure with the installations map.

Meet DTBird & DTBat Team

You can meet DTBird® Team and get your first hand information in:


May 23-26, 2016 New Orleans, Louisiana. Booth 2047.



September 27-30, 2016. Hamburg, Germany. Hall A1 Booth 141


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DTBird at Vind 2015. 4th-5th November. Stockholm (Sweden). Booth 34

Get your first hand information on new and improved DTBird features. New upgraded Stop Control Proposal for Eagles.

Vind 2015

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 DTBird & DTBat Stand at Vind 2015.